Day 19–A New Year’s Resolution

A New Year's ResolutionSettle back into the clutter of your life,
let the dust particles that were your skin swirl to the floor.

Open your heart to a stranger
and know that stranger is your own self.

Watch the sunrise this winter
and remember nothing.

Notice all actions, tendencies, and desires,
which block the flow of love.
Let them dissolve in the fire of non-attention.

Live this life for what it is
and do not concern yourself with the future.

Follow the path which is not a path,
but which leads you in each moment.

3 responses to “Day 19–A New Year’s Resolution”

    • Thanks for letting me know Jenn. I’m still enjoying this process very much and hope to continue it long beyond the 30 days which has been far more than 30 days! Happy New Year and perhaps our paths will cross in 2014 outside of virtual reality.

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