Day 23 — The End.

A note to my readers and to myself.

It’s been many month since I’ve posted here. I’m realizing I need to free myself even further from any kind of constraints in this space. I started doing this “challenge” to get myself to share writing, but it’s acted as a trap in it’s own right! I’ve been searching for   some kind of a theme or a framework to write within, and I think this is what has held me back. It’s made me feel that if I’m going to post something here it has to be really worthwhile. But that brings judgment into the picture, and that’s the last thing I’m looking to add to my daily life.

The reality is I just want a place to write and share that writing with others who are interested in reading. Instead I’ve stopped myself from writing what’s actually going on, what’s really present for me. In part that’s because there have been life changes that I wasn’t ready to share on the internet, in part because I was censoring myself unknowingly. So here’s what’s next, whatever comes!

BabyAnd so the aforementioned life change… I’m pregnant. This journey has been the most profound, mind-alterning, perspective changing experience of my life. It’s been too hard to write and somehow not mention it, hence the months of silence.

No more “challenges” just words. The ones that come through me, the ones that seem worth taking the time to type after I’ve written them in a notebook. Thank you for reading.

2 responses to “Day 23 — The End.”

  1. You are so ahead of yourself, mama, as you are seeing how bringing a baby into the world can be SO freeing. This is of course contrary to others who will try and tell you that its just a road of sacrifices…losses…which exist, too, but the other side is just as present and available if you are willing to see it. Freedom from the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us, freedom from ways of being that are tired and outdated, freedom from the unnecessary. Bringing a baby into the world involves the greatest responsibilities….and freedoms!!! xoxo

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