Paige Doughty,
MS, GradDip ED, BA

Some themes you’ll find in my writing.

⭐️Peace, contentment, & love.

⭐️Eating Disorder Recovery

⭐️Motherhood & Postpartum

⭐️Living in an age of climate crisis

⭐️Spiritual Awakening

⭐️Death and Dying

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A journey of waking up, motherhood, and living in an age of climate crisis.

Writing is a way that I have found to express the deepest truths of my life’s experience. It’s been a private endeavor for most of my life, with occasional moments of sharing more of what is dearest to me, and now I step out ready to reveal more of what is happening inside.

For much of this lifetime I’ve suppressed the fullest most truthful parts of my experience for fear of hurting or offending others, or because I’ve been waiting for the perfect time and place to share the perfect piece of writing. But there is no perfect time because now is the only time we have. Slowly I have learned that the only one who suffers when I do not fully express the deepest parts of my being, is me.

Over the course of my life the primary theme has been learning to live as my true self and to discover peace and contentment in this.

As a teenager this meant recovering from an eating disorder, as a young adult it meant returning to that eating disorder and discovering what it had to tell me, as a twenty-year old it meant facing the environmental crises that we are living through on this planet and choosing life, anyways.

As a thirty-year old it meant finding a career that felt like my “right livelihood,” something that added peace and love to the world and which allowed my truest gifts to shine.

As a mother it has been learning to keep finding that true self through parenting and postpartum anxiety.

And now it’s finding that all of those moments, of staying true to myself, have lead to this moment when we are all being asked to wake up, faster than ever before in the face of climate change and the constantly shifting realities in the world around us.

But I don’t believe we are at a tragic moment, I feel we are in a place and time to have immense growth and the possibility of the rapid transformation of human consciousness. We are not victims to this moment, we were born for it.

My Private Practice:

Counseling & Consulting
I am available for private counselling for anyone interested in approaching life from a peaceful presence. I am available one on one for small businesses with a focus on: sustainability, families, kids, and parenting.
Please reach out through email or phone to schedule.

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
I am available for speaking engagements and workshops on:

❤️ Eating Disorder Recovery from a Spiritual Perspective
❤️ Talking With Our Kids About Climate Change.
❤️ The Journey of Staying Present, Peaceful, and Calm in a world that seems to invite the opposite.

Experience With All Ages
I worked as a middle and high school teacher for seven years teaching English (Language Arts), French, and Environmental Service Learning. As a result I have experience in speaking for and facilitating groups from pre-schoolers to adults!

Jeff & Paige
As one half of the performing duo “Jeff and Paige” I work to teach children using music, costumes, and theater about science, nature, and sustainability. My years of working as a singer, actor, and educator have taught me an incredible perspective on finding and using voice, the importance of somatic experiences to express and release emotion, and more.

You can check out our work at jeffandpaige.org

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