Author: paigedoughty

  • Day 13–Truth?

    “Truth will not conform itself to our frantic avoudance of Reality or our desire to have the whole of something for the very least amount of time and investment.” ~Adyashanti in The Way of Liberation The journey is not to find Truth but to discover what is not truth. Truth cannot be found, it is […]

  • Day 12–Surrender

    As I’ve gotten deeper into these entries I’ve been surprised to find what I’ve written. There’s been many moments in the past weeks when a voice in my head has begged me to stop. Stop sharing, stop talking about things, stop being vulnerable. The audience, in my mind, becomes giant and judging. You grow fangs […]

  • Day 11–To Live My Life From Here

    I wake up this morning after a terrible dream and want to be comforted. I want someone to hold me, to take away the pain of the images in my dream. People killing people, suffering on every level, those who are killed and those who do the killing. It’s a dream, yet there’s worse happening […]

  • Day 10–The River Inside

     When we say a simple and sincere yes to life, yes to death, yes to the ego’s own dissolving, we don’t have to struggle anymore. It becomes a new way of navigating through life. Flow is what navigates us through life–not concepts, not ideas, not what we should or shouldn’t do, not what’s right or […]

  • Day 9–Beyond Wrong and Right

    All we ever want is to be loved, yet we are love itself. We spend our whole lives searching outside of ourselves for something we intrinsically are. Someone did something I didn’t like. I asked him not to do it. He did it anyway. What now? Anger, frustration, accusation? What then? The emotions pass through. […]

  • Day 8–Who is listening?

    “Come into agreement with your life, so that you are not turning away from yourself in any way.” ~Adyashanti from his book The End of Your World We human beings are so often running away from ourselves, and yet what a ridiculous idea when we try to picture it, like a cartoon man trying to […]

  • Day 7–Work for the work’s own sake

    “Do work for the work’s own sake.” ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj This weekend I and my husband Jeff (you can read about what we do here) performed a kid’s concert to benefit our friends, Melanie and Dennis. They are farmers on Sunbeam Farm who suffered over $19,000 in damages during Colorado’s flooding this fall. Their entire […]

  • Day 6–Feel it all and then it’s gone

    When you desire and fear and identify yourself with your feelings, you create sorrow and bondage. When you create with love and wisdom and remain unattached to your creations, the result is harmony.” ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That Learning not to identify with my feelings was one of the strangest things I eve […]

  • Day 5–Fully Alive In This World

    There is no need to resist being fully alive in this world. I have a distinct memory from childhood. There is an argument, between my parents, between me and my parents, our whole family gets involved, yelling, gesticulating. We three children are old enough to talk back, but not old enough to get in a […]

  • Day 4 — You are never going to get “it” all together

    “You are never going to get it all together.” ~Pema Chodron, American-Buddhist nun This is one of my favorite teachings from Pema Chodron, every few months I stumble back onto it. Each time I find my way back I realize, “Ah, I’ve started trying again.” I’ve started believing in the possibility of getting it all together, […]