Author: paigedoughty

  • Day 3 — The Quiet Stillness Inside

    When I first began watching the thoughts that came through my mind I was astonished at how little useful substance they had.   Then I started noticing that if I followed thoughts they often created “problems” where there were none. I began to experiment with this is in my life by paying attention to small […]

  • Day 2-Follow Your Heart

    “Trying to keep your territory enclosed and safe, is fraught with misery and suffering. It keeps you in a very small, dank, smelly introverted world that gets more and more claustrophobic and more and more misery -producing as you get older.” ~ Pema Chodron from The Wisdom Of No Escape The path of the warrior is […]

  • Day 1–Stop Running

    Here we go. 30 days. 1 entry per day. I’m giving myself the challenge.  Day 1– Stop Running What would I say to an audience? Speak from the heart. When clutter is removed light starts to peak through. I’ve been waiting for so long to share my writing with a larger audience. I don’t know […]

  • Save a Child: Love Yourself

    Check out my latest article to appear in the April/May issue of Viz… Save a Child: Love Yourself “Not So Pretty in Pink: Marketing Toxic Makeup to Young Girls” this is the headline of the article that catches breath in my throat. I barely take a second look at it, instead I feel the sarcasm […]

  • What is Right Livelihood?

    I was introduced to the idea of right livelihood through a writing course during my graduate studies in environmental education.   Here are some definitions I like:  “As a way of working and as a way of thinking about work, right livelihood embodies its own psychology–a psychology of a person moving toward the fullest participation in life, […]