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  • Day 23 — The End.

    Day 23 — The End.

    A note to my readers and to myself. It’s been many month since I’ve posted here. I’m realizing I need to free myself even further from any kind of constraints in this space. I started doing this “challenge” to get myself to share writing, but it’s acted as a trap in it’s own right! I’ve […]

  • Day 22–Wild Animal

    I meditate to pray, to be with God, to be to be. Meditation takes us nowhere, it is not a step in a journey it is a settling back into life. Not “my life.” Life. “Meditation is the highest form of prayer, a naked act of love and effortless surrender into the abyss beyond all […]

  • Day 21–34!

    When we let go of what we thought was going to happen, space is create for what is happening to blossom. I find myself over and over remembering this, and each time, the relief of the release is gorgeous. Every time I hold onto something, that didn’t work out the way I thought it was going to, […]

  • Day 20–Where the Rubber Hits the Road

    There is a moment, different each time, but similar in tone when I choose to separate from Reality. To separate from love and connection and to instead create distance and suffering. The circumstances leading up to it are always different, a disagreement with a friend, a fight with a lover, a comment from a relative, […]

  • Day 19–A New Year’s Resolution

    Settle back into the clutter of your life, let the dust particles that were your skin swirl to the floor. Open your heart to a stranger and know that stranger is your own self. Watch the sunrise this winter and remember nothing. Notice all actions, tendencies, and desires, which block the flow of love. Let […]

  • Day 18–Infinity

    Within each of [us] lies the existential mystery of being. Apart from one’s physical appearance, personality, gender, history, occupation, hopes and dreams, comings and goings, there lies an eerie silence, an abyss of stillness charged with an etheric presence. For all of our anxious business and obsession with triviality, we cannot completely deny this phantasmal essence […]

  • Day 17–The Abyss

    When I was ten my family moved to Belgium. The sound of ripping tape and the scent of corrugated cardboard filled our home for weeks as movers and my mom packed boxes full of our things. I marveled at the big men delicately packaging our dishes, my toys, wrapping couches and rolling rugs. Some of […]

  • Day 16–King Mo!

    “Suffering is how life tells you that you are resisting or misperceiving what is real and true.” ~Adyashanti, The Way of Liberation Mo the turtle teaches me to slow down, to plant my feet in the earth and let life be. Out in the world we people move so quickly to the the next thing. […]

  • Day 15 — Nobody Puts Kitty Baby in the Corner

    A long break as life happened, and writing did not. This 30-Day-Challenge will unfold over many more than 30 days. A good reminder to think of how we push our kids, and selves, and partners to work harder, be more timely, do better. Once, for a brief time, before pre-school perhaps, we didn’t have these […]

  • Day 14–Letting Go

    ..Continued from previous entry… Letting Go. What does that mean? When I am gripped and right and righteous. When I am sure and set and certain. When I am pained and wronged and playing the part of the victim… “But he… I was… She said…, oh that makes me… I know but… You are mean… […]