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  • The Time Of Dying

    The Time Of Dying

    Fall, autumn, the time of dying.A great adventure into sleepy peace.Winter, dormant, invites slowed paces, introspection. Don’t flee impermanence for warmer climates,denying death even in seasonal preferences. All of these bodies will die. All of them, every single one. Birth, so celebrated, not its mess and goo and poo,not the true transition of a mother’s […]

  • Find Love Everywhere

    Find Love Everywhere

    We have an opportunity together to shift our perspectives, to decide where we put our attention, and to create our reality, not by shifting world events, tattling on our neighbors, or by criticizing every step our government makes, but by focusing in on our own great beating hearts, capable and strong and able to embrace and release so much more than we could ever imagine, right here, right now.

  • Happiness is solely a matter of where you put your attention

    Happiness is solely a matter of where you put your attention

    “Happiness is solely a matter of where you put your attention.” ~Anonymous.* *I’m not sure who to attribute this quote to, if anyone knows please let me know. Each glorious day arrives and ends. The One who witnesses, our capital ‘S’ Self, watches it all pass without commentary, or judgement. The small one, mind, ego, […]

  • Time Alone

    Time Alone

    My heart rate is up, a thin sheen of sweat builds at my temple, they’ll be home any minute… or maybe not, maybe I’ve got two more hours.  I wanted to put the laundry away, play music, finish up loose ends for work, meditate again. I catch my body moving in jerky spasmodic motions, not sure […]

  • End of Summer

    End of Summer

    End of summer marks time passing, watching beautiful child grow, almost three now, a blink and an incredible journey. Each moment presents itself full of glory, fear, pain, love, pleasure, trepidation, as though it is all that ever was, gathering all focus and attention, a storm’s lightning flashing. And then it is gone. The next […]

  • What is Right Livelihood?

    I was introduced to the idea of right livelihood through a writing course during my graduate studies in environmental education.   Here are some definitions I like:  “As a way of working and as a way of thinking about work, right livelihood embodies its own psychology–a psychology of a person moving toward the fullest participation in life, […]